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Experience matters

A good company is always judged by its team and The ADWEB Agency is comprised of a highly energetic group of qualified, experienced online professionals from the disciplines of marketing, design, user experience, communication, programming, business strategy and development.

Connie Pandos, Founder & Director

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Connie is co-founder and co-director of The ADWEB Agency and comes from a broad-based media background.

Prior to establishing The ADWEB Agency Connie worked in various capacities in traditional media and advertising, video and film production, and public relations consulting. Her work involves the convergence of traditional communications into online channels - Intranet strategy, UX design, online marketing, public relations and portal development.

Campbell Dobbin, Founder & CEO

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Campbell Dobbin heads the technical development team and has a strong background in both network management and software engineering.

Campbell manages a high calibre, multi-disciplined team of tertiary trained professionals from media, marketing, programming and design. This complementary team brings together a unique offering of innovative consulting, strategic and production services covering all areas of online media.

Jason Yim, Business Development & Branding Manager

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With more than 12 years of experience in the web industry, Jason has been a visionary creative and lead designer who has developed solutions for some of the world’s largest brands.

His distinctive creative style and comprehensive background in web, motion graphics, game design and mobile technology has allowed him to provide an expert level of consultancy and management for clients such as Shell International, Cadbury, IOOF, Sportsgirl and JBWere.

Stewart Bairstow, Technical Manager

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As technical manager, Stewart has overseen the expansion of ADWEB from web design services into product development. This expansion has seen ADWEB increase its client list extensively, as well as win many awards. His strong technical and organizational skills have enabled him to help many clients deliver on their commitments and goals.

Stewart undertook his tertiary training at Melbourne University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. After rising to system administrator at a leading internet provider, Stewart expanded his skills by moving to ADWEB and enabling the push into the online application world.

Silas Haysom, Design Team Leader

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Silas is the design team leader at The ADWEB Agency and has over 10 years of experience in the web and software development fields. He has a strong background in front end web development, user interface design and a passion for new technology.

This passion has led to Silas actively promoting a culture of innovation and research and collaboration within his team, driving them to design and create the cutting edge solutions you see showcased on this site.

Josie Mangano, Development Team Leader

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After completing a Bachelor of Software Engineering at RMIT, Josie joined The ADWEB Agency as a Junior Developer, but rose through the ranks to become the Development Team Leader in 2007.

With outstanding people skills and a flair for project management, she continues to lead The ADWEB Agency’s development team to new heights.

She plays a key role in the direction of Intranet DASHBOARD, gathering client requirements, project and staff management and maintaining the high standards of software development for the company.

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